He was a very professional, courteous and efficent mortgage man ! He knows his field and can answer and solve any inquiry or issue that may occur. It was a real smooth and quick transaction.  A very Happy client 

- Angela 


A home my wife and i were purchasing fell through due to home inspection findings,  however before this happened I had the pleasure of working with Greg on securing my home mortgage.   As a result of the professional,  informative and friendly experience working with Greg that I knew he was who I wanted to reach out to when the right house came along.   Once again he exceeded my expectations in terms of service,  advice and quite frankly someone to have an honest and enjoyable conversation.  Greg is a genuinely good person whom i now consider a friend.   If you’re looking to purchase a new home for your family,  I highly recommend working with Greg and his team.   You won't be disappointed! 


Sal is the best, answers all my questions throughout the process. His service was Excellent !

Douglas Hoffman

Very satisfied with Sal and he provided excellent service!


Tara Cruz

Sal is any amazing Loan officer and able to guide me and my family towards homeownership! 


Your expertise in the products you represented was certainly appreciated, and the level of service you provided me and my team was above and beyond! Knowing products is one thing, but your ability and willingness to assist in detailed program design was appreciated!


I have worked with Gina for many years and she is extremely responsive and thorough. Gina is a pleasure to work with!


Carrie was wonderful. My case was difficult because of issues but she was able to get through it and get me approved. I appreciate everything she did for me and now I am a home owner!

Carrie is a godsend. She helped us through the most stressful thing we've ever done. When it looked the worst, she had the best attitude, and reassured us. She was readily available to answer any and all questions I had. She worked so hard in our behalf. She did more than our realtor. I wish she could get his commission! She made this crazy Rollercoaster ride bearable. I can't imagine having any other loan originator than Carrie Harris. HIGHLY recommended!

Carrie Harris saved me from a horrific situation that my initial lender put me in. After my offer was accepted, things began to fall apart with the lender, but Carrie swooped in with her superhero cape to make the impossible happen. She, and her team and Trident, had to make the loan process happen in half the time. Not only did Carrie come through in time, but with better rates than my previous lender had to offer. Carrie, and Trident, were essential in getting me the home I am in today, without her it wouldn't have happened. I 100% highly recommend Carrie Harris.

Carrie did an excellent job. She went well beyond what she had to do even calling places to get documents for me. Never pushed for my social like other lenders when i was still looking around. Just a great person to work with and she gets the job done no matter the obstacles will definitely be calling he the next time we buy a house. Thanks for everything !

My wife and I worked with Sal Anello during our process of buying a home . We can’t say enough good things about Sal . He made everything easy to understand , took time to explain things and followed up with us . Always stresses to ask questions if you have them . Go with Sal Anello , you WON’T be Disappointed! Meant every word ; thanks again.


Rich and Melissa M.

Good morning Sal. Hope you are having a good day today .

I was hoping to meet you at my Closing to thank you in person. Yesterday was a happy day for me . Not just only I finally purchased my home, I was also happy to know that most people are good people which I have always believed. I appreciated all the interesting experiences I had during the loan process and want to thank you for everything you had done for me for my loan with MLB. Hopefully , we would meet again on day .. in my next house purchase maybe. 

Thank you & Love,

- Sharon

Dear Sal,

Marvin and I are extremely glad that Nathan recommended you.  You were definitely the right person for this job!  We greatly appreciate all of your help during the loan process. Your dedication to our loan paid off in the end and enabled us to purchase our first home. We were hoping to see you last Friday to meet and thank you in person. The closing was a success.  Thanks so much for your effort and making our dreams come true. There are really no words to adequately express how grateful we are.There were many hurdles to overcome, but you persisted and made the purchase possible.  Thank you again. 


- Elizabeth